Friday, September 3, 2010


The past couple of weeks have been exciting, to say the least! Larry and I had so much fun on our trip! The Grand Canyon was incredible!! We decided to go for it and take the helicopter tour over the south end; it was definitely a breath taking experience. The only Americans on board, we enjoyed the sites with a couple of guys from New Zealand and Spain.

After our helicopter tour, we returned our rental car and joined up with Larry's parents who were traveling from Idaho (where they had been visiting an old friend), and the four of us headed to Colorado. The town of Crested Butte was beautiful!! However, it was a bit cooler than what Larry and I have become accustomed to with temperatures ranging between 40 and 73 degrees!

The day before the wedding my father-in-law Mike, Larry, Larry's cousin Jordan, and myself decided to go on a hike. At 10,000 ft, we were all moving a bit slower than usual, but enjoying the sites nonetheless.

Jordan...the biologist....playing with an
intestinal worm he found in a pile of horse droppings...gross.

Larry and I at the rehearsal dinner.

John and Lara's wedding was held on her parent's ranch amongst some of the most beautiful scenery around.

Our next stop was Danville, VA where we spent a few days visiting my family and friends. I hate that I didn't get more pictures of our stop there.

We then drove up to Alexandria to hang out with Larry's friends and family for an evening.

Our trip ended with a visit to see Larry's grandparents in DC. Mrs. Greene gave us this beautiful quilt she had been working on for the past year! We loved it! :)

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