Saturday, August 14, 2010

Life in Texas!! :)

Larry and I have certainly been living the easy life for the past few weeks. He was given the task of building a sailboat for the NAS Corpus Christi annual Titanic Cup. Keeping within the $75 budget, he and a few other flight students constructed their boat using semi-truck inner tube tires, a few hefty pieces of plywood, and a parachute for the sail. Despite their hard work and ingenious design, they fell a bit behind in the competition. Exhausted from a "hard" day at sea, the guys celebrated anyway, ecstatic that their boat at least managed to float while carrying the weight of four guys, their cooler, and a couple of lawn chairs.

My brother Drew and his friend Chris visited this past week. We had a very busy week of floating down the canals, surfing, grilling out by the water, golfing(the guys did anyway), and sightseeing at the Alamo and River Walk in San Antonio. As you can tell, it was a tough week. :)

Our move was for the most part pretty easy. Our furniture arrived within 3 days, which was so nice! We celebrated our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY:) the same day we moved into the house. We took a little time out to enjoy the aquarium and take in the town! We've learned that the Mexican food here is not our favorite. Actually, I haven't been a fan of any of the local restaurants. I think we'll stick to the chains from now on. Texas is definitely HOT, but we love that the days are long and the sunsets are incredible. The people here have been so nice, and there always seems to be something fun to do.
Larry begins Primary Sept. 6. We'll be heading out this Tuesday to take some time away and visit family while he's still able to take some time off. We'll be flying into Flagstaff, AZ to check out the Grand Canyon and all it has to offer. Larry and I will then rent a car and drive to Crested Butte, CO for Larry's cousin John's wedding. After a few days there, we'll be flying into VA where we'll spend about 4 days with my family in Danville before driving up to Alexandria and spending a couple of nights with Larry's friends and family. This will be his first visit home since Christmas. We'll end our trip there, flying back to Corpus Christi the 28th.

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