Monday, October 25, 2010

Just hanging out...

Our home:)

Kody on a hot October day...

The autumn leaves and cool mornings do not exist here in Corpus, however we are LOVING our "livable" summer weather. With the scorching months of July, August, and September behind us, Larry and I are finally able to enjoy the outdoors.

There isn't a ton of news to share. Larry is on his third flight of primary while I have been busy with my classes and babysitting. I'll be taking the GRE's for grad school Nov. 1 to apply for the SLP grad program at ECU. There aren't but a handful of online accredited grad programs for this field, so keep your fingers crossed that all g oes well!!

We were honored to host our friends Scott and Lisa Frederick's "baby shower" last weekend. We had a ton of amazing appetizers, corn hole, and other fun games!

With Halloween just around the corner, we of course continued the timeless tradition of pumpkin carving. It was a fun an d relaxing "fall" day on the w ater with great friends and yummy Halloween inspired treats:)

Oh, and one more thing! My brother and his wife Beth have announced that they are pregnant again!! We are super excited and can't wait to hear if it will be a new niece or nephew!!


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